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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mambo Simbo in Townsville, Australia

The James Cook University Indonesian Student Association presented a Papuan traditional dance called Mambo Simbo at the Tropical Museum of Queensland, Townsville, on Saturday, March 16, 2013 at 2 pm.

The dance is based on a folktale about a boy called Mambo who ran away from his village. The villagers were going through the rivers and the jungle to search for him. Mambo's mother who joined the search passed away before she could find Mambo. The villagers mourned for her death. Then, they continued the search. Eventually they found Mambo, and the villagers had a big celebration.

We thank:
Coordinator: Linda Rahmi
Choreographer: Lucia Runggeari
Dancers: female villagers: Cynthia D Gaina, Zainab Tahir, Sudewi, Lucia Runggeari; Mambo's father: Immanuel Ben; male villagers: Sukahar Eka, Linda Rahmi, Purnomo Hadi; Mambo: Muchlis
Drums: Aryan Siagian, Deasy Tandio
Singers: Nur Asiyah, Antin Widi, Indra Pratama, Jensi Sartin
Every students who provided their house for us to practice in, and also the generousity of them who provided us with food before or after we practice and perform. And to our friends who provided us their cars to travel to and from the museum.

And, we want to thank for the huge support from:
The Consulate General of Indonesia in Sydney Mr. Gary R.M. Jusuf and staffs
The President of Indonesian Student Association in Australia Mr. Bagus Nugroho and staffs
Townsville Multicultural Support Group
The JCU AUSAID liaison officer Mr. Alex Salvador

DAT 2013 (PPIA JCU) http://jcu-indosa.blogspot.com.au/

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