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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cultural Outreach March 2013: Indonesian Traditional Games

In March 21, 2013, JCU Indonesian Student Association taught Indonesian traditional games in the Aitkenvale State School. The games taught are "Boy" from Makasar and "Benteng". This program is sponsored by Townsville Multicultural Support Group.

The "Boy" is almost like bowling. In "Boy" a group of students had to stack blocks and the others had to roll a tennis ball to take down the blocks. In Makasar, this game is played by the children using flat stones for the stacks and coconut as the ball.

The "Benteng" is a more complex game where there are 2 groups staying in a different base, opposite to each other. One group has a base and has a "jail". Only one person can leave the base to taunt the opposite group to catch him/her. If one person from group A is out to taunt the group B, a person from the group B can get out from the base to try to catch the person from group A who is out of the base. The person from group A is safe when he/she is back in his/her base. at that time, another person from group A can leave the base and try to catch the person who was out from his/her base. The person who is caught is thrown into prison. The winner is the group who can step on the opponent's base, usually when the opponent group only has 1 person left in the base


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