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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cultural Outreach Program: The Costumes and a Dance

Introducing Indonesian Traditional Costumes and Dance in Townsville Grammar Junior School

The Indonesian Student Association (ISA) taught Indonesian culture in Townsville Grammar Junior School (TGJS). Thanks to Zainab who is the coordinator of the event, and also Welem a talented dancing teacher, our team of 9 people managed to teach TGJS Year 5 students dancing Dolo-dolo. Dolo-dolo is a folk dance originating from Flores island, East Nusa Tenggara province.

Invited by Ms. Tessa McNamara and supported by Ms. Geri Crouch from Townsville Multicultural Support Group (TMSG), our team taught about Indonesian culture in 2 sessions (45 minutes each). We introduced some traditional costumes and followed by the dancing lesson. JCU ISA member who came wore a traditional costume, so that the students could see how interesting Indonesian costumes are. The students were very curious for a head accessory from South Sumatera (wore by Anita), and also for the Blangkon - a traditional hat from Java (wore by Indra Bayu.). Some of the students had a chance to wear these accessories.

After introducing the traditional costumes, quizzes about the costumes were given. Some students who can answer correctly were rewarded. They were given a chance to wear some traditional costumes which are: a male costume from Padang, a female Balinese dancer costume, and a Gambyong-a dance originated from Java- female dancer costume (for girls). In very last 30 minutes in each session, the students practice to dance Dolo-dolo. And eventually we danced in a circle, just like the way Flores people dance the Dolo-dolo.

In the end of each session, the students could asked anything about Indonesian culture and we take a picture together with the class. We count in Indonesian language “satu...dua...tiga... senyuuum!”-(means: one...two...three...smile!) (DAT).

We thank JCU ISA alumni who had provide most of the costumes and also Mr. Harina and Ms. Kirana, Udayana University alumni who had given numerous Balinese costumes for JCU ISA. 


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