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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cultural Outreach Program: Traditional Games

Introducing Indonesian Traditional Games in Aitkenvale State School, Townsville

This event was a JCU ISA collaboration with Townsville Multicultural Support Group (TMSG). Planned by Aryadi, and with the help from Yulia, Ernest, Arvie, Zainab, dan Deasy, JCU ISA introduced two Indonesian Independence Day games. The first one was a game where a pencil is tied with 4 strings, and each strings are tied to a student. The group have to work together to put the pencil inside a bottle. The next game is the marble race. In this game,each of the student were given a spoon to be put in the mouth, and carried a marble on the spoon. The students had to compete with their friends to be the fastest one to reach the finish line. Each class were given 30 minutes to try these games. They were very enthusiastic on practicing the games.

The students were trying to put the pencils in the bottles

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